Benefits Of Video Marketing


Today let’s talk about video marketing,

Video Marketing has quickly become one of the fastest ways to gain & keep attention. People like to engage with videos daily that’s why Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram are so popular.

So you must have this question, 

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing uses videos to promote and educate your target audience. It is also to increase brand awareness and social engagement allowing you to reach new & bigger audiences.

Do you know when you read texts your brain gets busy reading but when you watch the video your brain gets busy feeling it.

Like right now while watching this video your brain is feeling it. You know what research has shown that 83% of human learning takes place visually. There was a time when only big brands were doing video marketing, by running ads on television which helped the brands to leave a mark in people’s mind. 

Let’s take an example, 

Tv ad of Thums Up, if I ask you what’s in that ad then you would easily say “ Aaj kuch toofani karte hain, Thums up taste the thunder”. This tagline just clicked in your mind right? 

Thumsup image

You can see how impactful it is through a video for people to remember it.

In this digital era, it is made easier for everyone to do video marketing. Whether you’re an influencer or you’re having your own startup anyone can make a video for marketing. It has higher chances of converting your leads into clients.

Influencer recording video

If you want to start creating video content but you have hesitation about it then don’t bother. Everyone has to start. If your content is good you will find your audience and gradually your confidence will also boost up. 

In my case, I got very conscious in front of the camera but the result is much better than I expected and you can also watch my first Youtube video.

So Stay happy, keep learning and keep growing.

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